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5 ways to boost your self-practice and self-care over the Summer

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Feeling like you can’t get out of the summer slump or too busy vacation-ing to get on your mat? Try these five simple tips to help boost your habits of self-care and self-practice over the holidays.


If things have slowed down for you this summer, or you are getting plenty of fresh air somewhere in Europe, then this means you can hopefully set some good time aside for sleep. You are more likely to be an awesome productive human – on and off your mat – if you wake up feeling refreshed and rested. It sounds simple, but how many of really make it a point to get in a good night’s sleep often enough?


Making time for self-care and self-practice can be tricky with our busy schedules, especially if our routine has been thrown off by Summer holidays. If you know you can’t take an hour out of the day for your yoga, mindfulness or meditation practice then don’t beat yourself up about it. One hour away from family when you are meant to be spending quality time may feel like a lot, so why not start by setting aside only twenty minutes and see where that takes you. You may find that 40 minutes have passed because lying on the mat in savasana just felt too damn good.


Sun Salutations are great if you are craving a good stretch and looking to get your blood pumping a little but aren’t able to fit in a full practice. Sun Salutation A series from the Ashtanga Yoga school is a fantastic, well-rounded sequence that moves, works and stretches all limbs and joints. Take it at your own pace for the first few rounds, and try to do about 5-10 in total. If you are feeling super tight, start with a few gentle floor stretches first.


See if you can incorporate a little drop of mindfulness into each day, no matter what life throws at you or where you are in the world. If meditating in silence in the morning isn’t part of your routine or feels overwhelming, then perhaps make it a point to stop every now and then throughout the day to breathe. Take a moment to take in your surroundings, bring the attention to the breath and the body – even if just for a few seconds – and then carry on. Practice gratitude towards those around you or journal about your adventures.


Being in a different country or having a bit more time on your hands means you have an opportunity to explore new ways of self-care. Get creative: be inspired by your new surroundings, try something new that you maybe wouldn’t do otherwise. Your personal rituals for self-care can be whatever you make of them. Grab a note book to draw or doodle, journal or write down what you are grateful for. Take a walk alone, listen to a new podcast or read that book you never had the time to. Get on your mat and instead of a sweaty session, try a few yin yoga poses. The only requirement is that you make time for you, your body and mind will thank you for it, so will those around you.

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