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April Mantra: I Choose Eco

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April Mantra: I Choose Eco

With the onset of Spring, it's hard not to have nature and all it's glory come to mind. The smell of blooming flowers, dewey grass and misty morning air. This is a time of year that really lends us to appreciate what our incredible planet has to offer.

As yogis, it doesn't just stop there. We don't settle, we continue to explore - in meaning, in mindfulness, in measure. What us our role in nature, and in the place we call home? How can we live a life that contributes as positively as possible - or alternatively - that is as least harmful to our Earth as possible? 

We know small steps can make big changes - from which light bulbs we use, to our diet, to our lifestyle choices. But can we commit to these baby steps, and later bigger leaps and maybe really help impact our carbon footprint? 

We believe we can. And we want you to join us. 

Check out our #ICHOOSEECO campaign on Instagram and Facebook and join a group of inspiring yogis who give us tips and insight on how we can live a life that is more ethical and eco-friendly. We're giving away some pretty cool prizes too!

Want to play? 

Join for your chance to win a 200USD voucher at yApparel and a private lesson with Desert Swan by following those easy steps:

1. Share a video or photo about how you live consciously using the hashtag #Ichooseeco
2. Follow @DesertSwanBlog + @yApparel
3. Tag @yapparel @desertswanblog
4. Must be UAE residents, public profile
5. Winners to be announced on April 23rd

Be eco friendly & share ♻️🍃🍀


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