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Ramadan - a time to shift perspective

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Ramadan - a time to shift perspective

Born and raised in the UAE, I was fortunate enough to have seen many months of Ramadan come and go. The lights changing colours and shapes with each year passing, big white tents and late nighters. The holy month quickly became part of my yearly routine; friends and their families fasted and feasted. 

However, the older I get and the more connected I am with spirituality through yoga, many layers of the external celebratory facets of Ramadan peel away - and I slowly begin to truly witness one of the most beautiful spiritual and religious practices.  


Yoga teaches us that we are all one, that we all breathe the same air- hey, we are all literally made up of the same stuff. This idea of compassion, understanding, empathy and universality takes the stage time and time again, and during the holy month we see it light up even more. We are all equal, right? But we are not. Millions around the world remain hungry, ill, oppressed, or in areas of war. We are sometimes blinded as we drown in our busy, hectic daily routines that we forget to think about the bigger picture. 

We are but a drop in the ocean.

Sometimes bad things in our life have to happen for us to move our attention away from the material and look towards the spiritual. To feel that we are part of something greater, and that every action we have has a reaction. So how are we choosing to act in a way that positively shapes the greater whole?

It's time for a shift in perspective.  

For those participating in Ramadan this year, then practices such as fasting, giving back to the community, prayer and purifying the soul are incredible ways to help us reflect and reconnect to humanity. And if you aren't, then we encourage to find your own practice of self reflection, of finding ways to do good, to say what you mean and mean what you say, and make extra room for compassion in your busy schedule. 

Ramadan Kareem lovely humans, may all beings be happy and free. 




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