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The process of trasformation

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Meet David

I started my yoga journey as a way to complement my career as a dancer: my goal was to get a more flexible, stronger and more balanced body. I know now as a yoga instructor that most of my students begin their yoga journey for the same reason. And that is totally fine with me, not only because that was my reason to start practicing yoga, but also because it gives me the chance to see the transformation as the students go deeper in their practice. Whatever their background, sooner rather than later yoga will help them connect with themselves in ways that they couldn't imagine at the very beginning. Witnessing all this process while using yoga a tool is the reason I became a yoga instructor. And nowadays Science is backing up all the benefits that yoga claim to provide: doctors, neurologists, psychologists, endocrines, yogis and gurus are working together to confirm what this millennial practice has proven throughout more than 5000 years. Yoga works BIG TIME! 


David Adame started his yoga journey in Portugal in 2001 with some hatha classes. Soon he became curious to try other styles and teachers, until he discovered ashtanga-vinyasa yoga in Thailand in 2010 and felt that this was the most comprehensive yoga style for him. Since then, he has broaden his knowledge by taking different yoga trainings, along with nutrition and fitness courses. He is now working at Montenapoleone Fitness in Dubai as part of a fitness team. His goal is to make a change in people lifestyles by combining yoga, fitness and nutrition. 

Tid Bits

Name: David Adame
Hometown: Villanueva de la Serena, Spain
Years in Dubai: 1 month :)
Favourite cuisine: paleo and raw food
Upcoming travel adventures: currently teaching yoga in Seychelles (living the "right here, right now", but will land in Dubai next Friday
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