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Tips to keep up your yoga practice this Summer 

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Tips to keep up your yoga practice this Summer 

The sunniest time of year is finally here. As the heat rises and Summer is in full swing, we are much more likely to get distracted. Between holidays, family time and our on-going to do lists it's no wonder that for some us our yoga practice falls by the wayside. 

We've been there, hey, we're human too! Here are a few tips on how you can maintain your practice while on the go: 


1. First things first? Get on your mat. 

Rather than use your phone - which leaves room for distraction - buy an alarm clock to help you rise early and get on your mat before any thing or any one gets to you first. 


2. No space? Find a nook. 

If you aren't situated near a studio or have enough space in your bnb, any spot works. The narrow strip on the floor between your bed and the wall could sometimes just be the cosy area you need. 


3. No mat? Use a towel.

We've found that hotel towels can also do the trick! Find a floor surface that isnt carpeted or slipper and lay down your temporary yoga mat. You can also check out at our Travel Yoga Rugs.  


4. Can't do an hour? Do half. 

We know life gets in the way, that's why if you can't commit to a full hour or 90 minute class - don't sweat it. Even sitting still for five minutes on your mat (or hotel pillow) and focusing on your breath counts! Five will become ten and before you know it, an hour won't feel so long. 


5. Felling uninspired? Go digital. 

There are so many incredible resources online - both free and paid. We personally love YouTube for free workshops by Kino McGregor and is a fantastic hub with almost every style and level of yoga represented. 

We are also currently loving The Mindful Body - check out their pages to access mini videos, information and more. <photo credit TMB>

What are your favourite tips and tricks? We'd love to hear from you! 

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