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Chakra Candles

Chakra Candles are an aid for meditation and yoga practice by creating a healing and peaceful aura. After extensive research, each candle is hand made with specific essential oils, carefully chosen and blended to match the vibrational frequency of the 7 chakras.  Made in the UAE. 

Muladhara / root chakra:  patchouli, vetiver

Swadisthana / sacral, sacred chakra:  organge, neroli, nutmeg

Manipura /  solar plexis:  basil, grapefruit, lime

Anahata / heart chakra:  rose, palmarose, ylang ylang

Vishuddhi / throat chakra:  eucalyptus, clove, mint

Anja / third eye chakra:  frankincense, sage, patchouli 

Sahasrara / crown chakra:  jasmine, vanilla